Little Old Me Hosting A Twitter Blog Chat!

On Tuesday (02/06/15) I got the chance to host a twitter blog chat (my first) and had an absolute blast, apart from being very nervous beforehand.
The chat in question was #ltbloggers which is the hastag behind 'Lunchtime Bloggers' an account run by the lovely Michelle from Sugardust & Starlight go give her a follow and any bloggers who want to host just ask I'm sure they'll have you.

The chat runs twice daily 1-2pm uk and 5pm for edt.

My chosen topic was Going Public with your blog and all that involves. I chose this as I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen to me from the get go that I blog and that I have a blog. I am so passionate about blogging, so why not let others know right? Well I thought everyone would feel the same as me but I found out it's actually quite different for most other bloggers.
My questions were ~
  1. Did you keep your blog a secret at first & what reaction have you received since going public with your blog?
  2. Do you ever feel embarrassed when people find out you blog?
  3. Do you have a support network of people that always support you and your blog?
  4. Everyone seems to be blogging atm! Do you feel pressure to be like other bloggers or do you just do your own thing?
  5. What social sites do you use to get your blog out there for the world to see?

Some bloggers are similar to me but most still keep their blog a secret, even from friends & family and some only share it with a small group of friends. I found this very interesting as it seems most are scared of what others will think, some were even keeping it a secret from parents as they didn't think it would be something they would feel proud of etc. I understand that it is a very personal thing but surely if you love what you do and are passionate others will support you. And like I said in the chat sod those haters! I am so lucky I have such an amazing boyfriend who is so supportive and let's me just blog the evenings away.
The question about feeling pressure was another one that surprised me, I always feel pressure about not measuring up to all the fab bloggers and blogs out there but the overall answer was that we should all do our own thing. I love this but I also think that we all do pretty much the same thing in being a blogger so there is bound to be similar posts etc plus sometimes I'll read a post and it will inspire me to write something along the same lines is that copying?

Who knows.. I'll let you decide.

I can't wait until I can host again and hopefully then I won't be so nervous. I even pre drafted my tweet questions this time as I didn't want to get anything wrong. I think my ocd came out in force that day. Haha have you ever hosted a chat?

Plus here's the whole chat if you'd like to have a little read..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I love this!
    Good for you for having the guts to do it :) The questions were really interesting and looks like you got some great responses!

    I think it's something I'd love to try if I had some good questions and the confidence haha!

    Tania x

    1. Thanks hun yes it soo fun you should definitely give it a go!!