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Last Sunday I got the chance to go to my first Blogger event. The MyChocBloggers event which was hosted by MyChocolate a company who specialise in all things chocolate, they host a number of different events from hen parties to corporate events all based around chocolate making workshops. They have three locations London, Brighton and Manchester. I went to the London workshop which is situated alongside Regents Canal (near London Zoo 'ish'), and had such fun learning how to create my own truffles and treats.
Photo credit goes to Lauren, here we all are plus the lovely Davis. 
Lauren from @LNDmeetup organised the event and even helped me when I got a bit lost on my way to the event, let me explain my journey first...

Being the novice Blogger event goer that I am, I don't really travel that far from home, and if I do I will usually be with someone but for the event I was a lone wolf and had to find my own way. The night before I had a quick peak on their website made a few notes about which trains etc to take and thought I was sorted. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I caught all the correct trains and thought I was doing really well when I got off my last train and started heading to the event, but I ended up walking the wrong way down the canal for about 20mins then when I started going the right way I took another wrong turn so ended up getting to the event just in the nick of time.
Thankfully, also luckily I met the lovely Amanda outside the venue who took me under her wing. We sat together along with some other lovely ladies. Inside there were tables beautifully displayed with chocolate making and decorating pieces and the whole place looked and smelt divine.
The founder of MyChocolate, Hannah walked around and introduced herself to us all, telling us the story of how the business got started. She told us how she left uni mid way through her studies with a passion for chocolate and little else. She explained that it all started in her living room with evening workshops that she hosted, then over the years things took off to where it is now. A big chocolate filled booming business. They have also just partnered with The Chocolate Hedgehog a company who make at home chocolate workshop kits. How fun does that sound, think I'll be getting that for my boyfriends birthday prezzy.
The class was hosted by Davis a lovely chap from Canada who knows pretty much all there is to know about chocolate. He explained we were going to be making chocolate truffles but first got us to try some chocolate peices for fun. After he showed us how to make the truffles, we were then left to our own devices. I had such a blast first rolling my truffles then dipping them into the delicious chocolate. As you can see from the pictures it was a chocolate lovers heaven. I made lots of delicious truffles, my own version of ferrero rocher, chocolate covered fudge, and chocolate covered marshmallows too, all were delicious. I could have stayed all day just sitting and smelling the chocolate. And eating it all of course.
How much does this look like a wizards hat? It's actually one of my pipped truffles.
The lovely Davis.
I took my little creations home with me and my boyfriend ended up eating the lot. The greedy bugger, luckily I had a few on the way home. I had so much fun and am very tempted on going again. Plus I have suggested it to my boss for a work event so who knows. 

As for what I think about my first Blogger event, well if you don't know already I really enjoyed it so can't wait till the next one.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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