MMM ~ Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara

Gosh I've not done a Monday Mascara Madness (MMM) post in a while, I actually miss hunting out new and wonderful or not so wonderful mascara's for the blog but my lashes couldn't take the mascara overload any longer. So for now I'm
holding back and resisting all the mascara's out there just waiting for me to get my hands on.

I may do one MMM post a month or every few months as the addiction to mascara hasn't stopped and I actually currently have two unopened mascara's ready to test for you. #mascaraaddict Would you like one MMM post a month?
Okay so onto today's post and the lovely mascara I want to tell you all about is the Rimmel Wake Me Up mascara with added vitamins and cucumber. Cucumber yes you read that right. Rimmel have been adding things to their mascara's for a while now do you remember the Wonder'Full mascara with added Argan oil? Here's my post if you haven't read it yet!
This new one is also from the Wonder'Full range and has added vitamins and cucumber extract inside to give you that fresh and wide awake look. It has a fluffy precision brush which means it's great for coating all those tiny lashes that sometimes are such a struggle to get mascara onto, the brush also has two bobbles, okay that's all I could think of to call them but do you see what I mean by the pictures the two bobbles on either ends?! These are great for adding length and volume, they grip to every lash so easily and you don't need to do many coats to get a really full volume look. This mascara has a wet and light formula which means that my lashes are nicely conditioned and don't feel to heavy. Also there is a lovely cucumbery scent to it which I love. When I'm up early before work getting ready the smell is so nice and actually make's me feel more awake.

I love the slick and shiny packaging and the bright metallic green colour is just perfect. I am a big fan of this mascara and am grabbing for it everyday now.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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