Hi I'm Bob The Spot.

Meet Bob.
Bob is a little spot, he is going to share his life story with you today. 

Hello humans! I'm Bob the spot. My sole purpose in life is
to break through the big barrior and find the light. 

My journey starts when my mum finds her light, she looks behind and says ''grow bob grow''. So I'm left behind to grow and grow until I'm bug enough to squeeze through the barrier and find my own light. 

Growing is hard, some of my friends grow really fast and find the light so quickly but for me it has been a long journey. I poked and prodded for days but nothing happened. After what felt like an eternity I could see a glimmer of light. 

Was I on the right path? 
I kept on prodding and poking until one day I felt a nudge. I didn't like the nudge! For days I kept feeling this nudge. What could it be? I wondered! 

My friend Becky said that it was my human prodding and poking me, I got scared. Why was my human prodding and poking me? What had I done to deserve this treatment. I'm just doing what I was made to do.

Over the next few days the prodding and poking got worse but I think it was actually helping to make me grow and get every inch closer to the light.

Finally I saw a tiny little hole, I poked my way through just a tiny bit at first then a little more, Then the nudging started again. I could see myself.

Wait? Why can I see myself?

Oh my what is that?

Is that my human? My my she is massive and quite scary! Maybe I will just go back inside for a while.

The next day I finally realised that it was time to face the light and my destiny.

''Okay I'm going for it''! I told myself, so gently and slowing I poked my way through the tiny hole. The hole got bigger and bigger and finally I was out.

Yes there is the light....

''Wait what is that''?

Swipe and Bob is gone...

Something funny for you today.

Hope you liked it.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(pictures taken from google)


  1. LOL. My favorite had to be when you added "Pictures taken from google" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    1. hehe.. I may have to do more Bob the Spot adventures.