BarryM Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polishes

Oh how I love BarryM. They are my go to brand for nail polishes every time I'm in need a a new one. They have a great colour selection, don't chip too easily and just go on my nails with such ease. For these reasons I have
lots of their polishes from the jelly ones to the speedy quick dry ones. So when I saw that they had launched another new line I of course had to get some. I've actually been quite good this time though and only bought two which is something new for me as I normally grab everyshade in the set. The new line is the Sunset Daylight Curing range. I'm sure you've seen these in Boots and Superdrug already. The line launched a few weeks back and I instantly went to my local Superdrug to buy some. The only problem was I couldn't decide which shade to go for. They have quite a selection to choose from, pink, navy bluepeach, white, red, teal or fushia.
In the end after looking at them each day on my lunch break for about a week I decided the red one would be a good starting colour. I mean you can't go wrong with another red polish in your stash now can you?! Along side the red I got the top coat too, you need this as well otherwise the whole process doesn't work. It's the top coat that does the magic daylight curing you see. 
Starting with my chosen shade of red from the range I painted on two thin coats allowing each to dry in-between before applying the next. After this was dry it was time for the top coat. Again you only need a thin layer. After around a minute I noticed that my nails went stiff. Not in a bad way, it's similar to when you get gel nails done at the salon. After 20/30 mins I checked my nails and they were all completely dry, so they did indeed cure in the daylight. It didn't state how long it should take for them to cure but I thought half an hour was a reasonable time to sit and wait. 
Overall I love the look and feel of my nails with this on. These new polishes and the top coat really do work. My at home UV nails lasted for around three days when unfortunately I chipped them whilst washing up. Ooops next time I'll wear rubber gloves.

One thing I will say though is that next time I paint my nails with the daylight curing polishes I'm going to add some of the top coat to the tips of my nails to seal them like they do in the salons as I think this will help stop chipping even more. 

Thanks Guys
Live Hayley


  1. I only own one Barry M nail polish, I think, but I do love it as well. This stuff looks fun. :) I'd love to see more Mani-posts.

    1. Thanks for reading hun makes my day when I see your comments. BarryM are so great you need more plus these ones are brilliant.