Who Needs A Clarisonic? When You Can Use This £2 Wonder

To start with today I should probably say I have spot prone, sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin so a Clarisonic is always something I have wanted to try but think my skin might react badly so haven't taken the plunge yet and got one. But that's not to say I'm not always on the hunt for the next wonder product to help with my skin.
I recently tried a cheap facial cleansing brush that I got from
Boots and was going to do a review on it, but I didn't like it and my skin came out in a horrible dry rash all around my mouth. So that got put to the back of the draw. Or in my case just left on the shelf in my bathroom gathering dust. (If you'd like a review let me know).
Then Avon came to the rescue. I got a brochure through the door and thought I'll have a little look inside. I stumbled across a few things so made an order and in that order was this little facial brush that cost just £2. Unfortunately it looks like the brush has sold out at the moment. I've sent Avon an email so if it comes back in I'll let you all know. 
Basically this little brush is made of rubber with tiny little bristles making it perfect for using on the skin. Meaning it won't be too harsh or anything, there's also a small section that has smaller bristle on to use around your nose area. I'm currently using mine every morning and every evening with my loreal skin perfection gentle exfloliator

I like to wet my face then pop on a small amount of the exfoliator, next I'll grab the brush and using gentle circular motions scrub my face avoiding the eyes. 
I've been using this for about a month now consistently and have seen a small improvement in my skin. Firstly with the texture, everything feels a lot smoother now, no more bumps that aren't even a spot and my spots don't seem as bad. It could be a combination of using the two products I mention together as the loreal exfoliator is something I've been using along side this but, I think my skins improvement is mainly down to the brush. 

I'm hoping that with continued use my skin will be lovely and clear someday!

I'm thinking of doing a skin care or nightime routine video over on my Youtube Channel. Would any of you like to see it?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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