The Disney Tag

After being involved in my first #crazybloggers chat last night on Twitter I felt inspired to do the Disney Tag for you today. The chat was Disney themed you see, and I had such fun finding out what we all love about Disney and which Princesses we'd all love to be.
Disney for me was such a massive part of my childhood, I would sit for hours imaging
a better life just like those Disney girls. Especially when I got bullied, Disney was who I turned to. It helped me through the bad times and also the good. Thank you Disney for always being there for me.
There seems to be quite a few questions floating around for this tag, around 45 so I have just chosen my favourite 15 to answer today. 45 is far too many really don't you think.

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?

This has to be Belle, I loved her so much when I was younger and still do. I really wanted to be her. I actually still have a Belle themed jewellery box which plays the Beauty & the Beast song every time you open it.

What are your top three Disney Movies?
Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

Your favourite Disney song?
Beauty & the Beast is always on repeat on my itunes. I also love Aladdin's A Whole New World.
If you could be any Disney Princess which one would it be and why?
Belle, I love the idea of being carefree and just reading books all day. I might change it to reading blogs all day though. Plus I love the story of how she falls for the Beast regardless of what he looks like.

Your favourite Dress/Outfit?
It would have to be Belle's dress, I had a Belle Barbie when I was younger and so wanted to get a dress for myself too.

The saddest Disney moment for you?
When Sumba's dad dies in the Lion King, so sad.

The Disney movie you secretly hate?
I have two, Dumbo and Fantasia, I don't know what it is but I just hate them.

Which Disney Princess do you feel the saddest for?
Cinderella, she had such a sad start to life losing both her parents.

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
Mickey Mouse definitely I have quite the obsession with Mickey jumpers and ornaments.

Would you like to have a Disney themed wedding?
I actually would, just imagine it how amazing would it be. I'd have a cake shaped like Mrs Pots and everything. Okay so maybe I'll just have a Beauty & the Beast themed wedding. Golden/Yellow dress and everything!

Favourite Disney scene?
When Belle and the Beast eat their porridge, it's so cute when Belle lifts the bowl and sips because she can see he's struggling with the spoon. True love right there.

A villain you secretly like?
The horrible kid in Toy Story, I always found him so funny, can't think of his name right now though. Do you remember him?
Who was your Disney male crush?
The Beast in both forms, he's just lovely and I quite liked Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Which Disney character do you relate to most?
I'd have to say Cinderella, I lost my Dad when I was younger and had quite a few chores at the time so used to feel like I was her at times.

If you could pick any Disney character to be your best friend who would it be?
Olaf, he is always so easily pleased and such a happy chap.

I tag each and everyone of you reading this. Tweet me links to your posts or just answer one and tweet me your response I'd love to know.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Sid! The mean kid was called Sid :-). I love this post I can't believe I've never done it, I'm literally obsessed with Disney...just ask Fiona how many times in one month I watched Tangled *laughy face*. I would for sure go to a B &TB themed wedding, but only if I could dress as the maid/brush thing! Xx

    1. Omg yes Sid that's him.. Hehe you should totally do this tag, it was really fun to do. Plus I'd love to read yours. Also once I convince my bf were having a B &TB wedding your totally invited and Fiona of course..