Sushi Anyone?

A few weeks back I finally went to a Sushi bar (Yo Sushi) for the first time with my friend Esme and absolutely loved it so thought I'd do a little review for you today
Sushi is something that I am quite new to eating, I mean I love fish but
until recently I hadn't tried Sushi. Shock horror right? Where have I been? 

Someone at work had some from M&S so I tried it and really liked it. The next step for me was go to a Sushi bar and act like a pro Sushi eater. Right? In reality I was that weirdo in the corner taking pictures of the conveyor belt like a ten year old at Disney land. 

Actually one of the staff was even laughing at my "what's that?", "what's this?" questions that I was throwing Esme's way. Esme was so lovely about all so I didn't feel embarrassed at all. 

It took me a while to get the hang of things though because each plate of food had a coloured bottom tying in to different sorts of dishes. But I ate so much in the end. They had lots of salmon and rice which I loved but also duck spring rolls which I found quite interesting in a Sushi bar I mean aren't duck spring rolls Chinese?

Overall my first Sushi bar experience was great. I'll definitely be going again soon.

Have you had Sushi or been to a Sushi bar before?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley 


  1. Dear God, you wasted so much of your life. ;) I love sushi and I live for going to Sushi bars. ^^ So I am glad you enjoyed it and can now become a Sushi pro. ;)

    1. Hahaha i know right! Sushi pro here i come