Stationery Wishlist

It's National Stationery Week this week, so I couldn't let it slip by without doing a stationery wishlist post for you now could I? I don't think I've said on here before but I am a massive stationery lover
and hoarder, so here's what I have on my wishlist at the moment.

Look at that doughnut pot! I need it in my life, I literally want everything so much now. I'm imagining my desk and flat filled with it all. Plus that selfie bag is so cool. Yep I said cool! I could have done a wishlist post everyday this week for all the stationery I have been lusting after for weeks but I managed to whittle it down to these few items today. Also I will possibly be doing a Stationery haul very soon. :) #stationeryhoaderrighthere

What's on your stationery wishlist?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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