Newbies In My Make-up Stash

I love getting new products to try and I love it even better when they actually turn out to be pretty amazing!
Here's a few of the newbies I have in my ever growing make-up stash.
Anyone else addicted to buying new things?
Firstly up is the Soap and Glory Solar Powder, I am obsessed with this. (it even made a feature in my Feb Favs video) After years of lusting after it, I finally got one and I am so pleased with it. I was a little worried that it would be too sparkly, you know how some can be. But this is brilliant, it gives a lovely warmth to the skin and is especially perfect at the moment what with all the fab weather were having over in England atm. Bronzed babe right here, don't you know.
Next is the ELF Cream Blush. I actually got this for free from a Twitter giveaway, yay me! When I saw the colour I thought gosh that's bright, but it is really subtle on the skin. I mean you could go over board with it but if your gentle you'll have a lovely healthy looking flush to your cheeks. 
Two products from Seventeen now, firstly the Stay Time Concealer. Wow is literally all that I need to say about this wonder product. Someone on Twitter recommended it to me after they read my post about the Collection one and to be honest I haven't touched the Collection one since I picked this up. It has great coverage and the colour match is perfect for me. Lastly is the Stay Time Foundation, this is the most recent item I picked up and again I love it, perfect colour match and the finish and how long it lasts on the skin in great. I get quite sweaty were I work (tmi) running round after customers all day so I need a long lasting foundation and this does just that. I'm not sure if the colour will match my skin once I have a tan but for now its great.
What have you added to your stash recently? Got any recommendations for more newbies I can get my hands on?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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