Let's Talk ~ PMS

PMS now ladies you now what I'm going to be talking about today but for any guys who are wondering what it is, it's that time of the month that us ladies get a tiny bit more sensitive.

Okay so who am I kidding, we or me should I say become such a sobbing wreck it's unreal. I have real highs and massive lows. I get soo moody, and frustrated. Everything just annoys me from the way my bus driver keeps hitting the kurb to Greggs having a long queue in the mornings, I just want my sausage breakfast roll as soon as I enter the shop ok. I also cry at everything. Yesterday it was the end of The Ark (a BBC remake of Noah's ark). 

I'm hungry every second of the day too which makes my mood worse, Hungry Hayley is not someone you want to be around. Just ask my boyfriend. Come to think of it why he doesn't dump me every time my period comes round I'll never know. 
Over the years I've gone from having a light period to the most horrible heavy periods on earth. I've taken medication, gone on the pill but to be honest the feelings I have at this time are always the same. I become this monster of a person, screaming at the world. All inside my head of course I hate confrontation, so its not my thing to start arguments. My skin is really spotty, and all I want to do is curl up and have a huge cry. 
I'm still trying to figure out if there's a quick fix solution to my mood swings etc at this time of the month, but for now here's a few things that help me get by.

Sleep. I always need more sleep, but when Horrid Hayley comes out sleep is like my best friend. I feel I can start each day a little happier. 

Food. Now I'm a massive foodie anyway but eating things like yoghurt and drinking juice is just lovely at this time. Don't get me wrong a massive chunk of mature cheddar cheese would go down really well too. But I try to eat and drink better each day anyway and if I'm especially good whilst on my period my belly doesn't seem as bloated. 

Baths. I do love a nice relaxing bath at the best of times but nothing beats a lovely bubbly bath to ease all the aches and pains away whilst I'm on my period. Plus Lush baths are just my most favourite things to have.

Cuddles. With my boyfriend preferably, the physical contact is just lovely and I love how cosy it feels to snuggle with him on the sofa. 

Music and TV. I love to just chill and listen to the radio or pop Netflix or Youtube on and just get lots in it all. 

Incense and Candles. My sense of smell is massively heightened whilst I'm on my period so incense is really calming for me, I love the nagchampi ones the best, and lighting candles just makes me so happy because they are just so darn lovely aren't they.
What do you do to get through the PMS dark days?! 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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  1. Aw I feel you! Sometimes I get so emotional at every single thing then I'm like ohhh thats why! I've found going on the pill has helped a lot with mine actually, not the highs and lows compared to before so it's a shame that didn't help you! I think there are some good herbal/vitamins that are supposed to help with PMS! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thanks for reading lovely, I might look into the herbs and vitamins, great idea thanks I hadn't thought about that. :)