Is 30 Too Old To Start Voting?

This year is the first time that I will vote in the general election. I know this is ridiculous as I am 30 years old, but when I lived back at mums it was never something she did so I never really thought that much about it. As the years went on it was never a priority for me and I found it all rather confusing anyway. I did have the odd thought that maybe I should be voting, you know women's rights and all that, but like I said I just didn't think it was that big a deal to vote or not.
Over the last few years I have got more into reading about and watching the election, so I feel I am finally ready this year to choose my party.
I'm not going to lie. I still find it all a bit confusing. Also it seems like all the parties do are slate each other and in general have a pretty similar policy for what they want to happen once they get into parliament.
Here's a quick round up of what I think about a few of the suggested policies from the parties;-

I like the sound of raising the minimum wage which is what most of the parties are suggesting, we could all do with more money now couldn't we. I don't agree with getting rid of zero contracts, again an almost all party suggestion. See I work in retail where we have zero hour contracts and getting rid of this will not only affect the people on these contracts but also it will affect the stores/offices. If you have a store say with the majority of workers on full time hours what happens when someone is ill, you can't get some one to work over their full time hours now can you? Income tax I can't really comment on this as I get really confused about it.

Another all party suggestion is more apprenticeships, we definitely need more apprenticeship opportunities, when I was younger I would have jumped at the chance to get an apprenticeship placement after school, I had no clue what to do with myself once I left so sort of just fell into retail. If these were available back then just think what I could be doing now?

Benefits, now this is something I have very strong opinions on. I hate the fact that it seems so easy to go on benefits, I personally have never gone on them and I don't want to sit here and judge anyone who really needs them. But I personally know quite a few people who are clearly not in need of these benefits but somehow they get them. I wonder whether there are proper checks done on these people or if there is just a form to fill out which you can elaborate on and then hey presto you have benefit money. I haven't got children yet but I think that having free child care would help a lot of people including a few of my friends.
Using public transport is something I do almost everyday so freezing the train fares would be really helpful. Fracking, I have been reading up on this and to be honest it is such a silly thing to do, it waste water and also causes earthquakes so I'm up for banning that.

I think I know who I will be voting for but I'm not going to say who as apparently it's not the done thing (according to my boyfriend that is anyway). I'd love to know what you think about the general election and my opinions today.

One last thing I have to say is that a small part of me likes the idea of doing what Charles II did, why don't we dissolve parliament completely. Have the Queen rule us alone or actually I think William would make a brilliant King, so let's get rid of her majesty and parliament and let Wills show them how its done.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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