Blog Post? Or Youtube Video?

Being a Blogger and Youtuber at the same time is sometimes hard. I often wonder when would a post be better as a video or when will said video possibly be better as a post?
Do any of you guys have the same issue.
I feel I'm constantly coming up with ideas for posts or videos but finding the time to film the videos or write up all the posts is sometimes quite a struggle. I have so many notebooks and so many little notes on my phone for future ideas that it's just getting a bit much. I wonder sometimes if I'm mad having a full time job, blogging and youtubing all at the same time. Also along with having to clean my flat I share with my boyfriend (he could do it too but I like to, as he doesn't do it right! OCD is clearly an issue for me here) and all the other things like seeing my mum, fitting in shopping trips. I can't not go shopping now can I?!

But seriously am I the only one who has thoughts like this? I mean filming a video can be easier because then you don't have sit down on your computer first writing up the post, secondly editing the post, thirdly scheduling the post and lastly sharing the hell out of that post. But then on the other hand with filming the video it's not as easy as it sounds either.
Obviously you film the video, but then there's editing the video, making your thumbnail, scheduling when your video will go up, and again lastly sharing the hell out of said video. So both are very similar in essence.

So which one is easier or best?

I really don't think I have all the answers because sometimes I love to just sit back and write all day long, then other days I love to film all day, (remembering to change my top for each video, oh dear have I let you into a big youtuber secret there?). I think for me its about balance I am really struggling at the moment with juggling it all. Also I'm sure my boyfriend is sick of looking at the back of my head while I ignore him most evenings and blog. As he calls it. But really is there really a rule on what you should post about versus what you should film?

I am always finding great videos on Youtube which I think will be great as a post and vice versa posts that I would love to film. Like tag posts, these are some of my most fun videos to watch and indeed film, but that's not to say I don't love reading them too.

Sometimes I also think why am I blogging? Why am I making Youtube videos? Who's actually reading or watching my stuff? When does life ever make sense? Will I ever have all the answers?
Who decides what we should post or film?

What do you think is there a rule we should stick to or shall we all just do whatever the f..k we want with our blogs and channels?

Leave me your thoughts and comments I'd love to know that I'm not alone in this mad world!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Do what ever the fuck you want love! You're out there doing so much, so if it makes you happy do it, if it doesn't? Don't! But I for one read and watch everything so please don't go ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ xx

    1. Aaaww thanks hun your words have totally cheered me up. Think I may have had a bad day when I wrote this. :)