A Burberry Kiss Anyone?

A while back Burberry took to Twitter to offer us beauty hungry lot a free mini sample of their new line of lipsticks, Burberry Kisses.
I was so happy when one of my lovely friends sent me the link to get one but being the sceptic I am I didn't hold out much hope that it would actually turn up. But low and behold it did indeed turn up and I love it. I chose the shade No.85 Sepia which reminded me so much of a Rimmel lippy I had years ago called Heather Shimmer. Do any of you remember that one?
So what do I think of it? Well firstly how cute is the teeny tiny packaging? When I first saw it I couldn't believe quite how tiny it actually was, I mean I know its a sample and all but wtf? Anyway back onto my views and opinions. Professional Blogger here!

It has the trademark Burberry look to it all sleek and polished encased in a metallic looking holder. I also love the imprint on the lipstick, very Burberry. But enough about the packaging, onto my views of the actually lipstick itself. Well I'm not the biggest lipstick fan normally preferring lip crayons and balms to anything else but this went on really smoothly and lasted for around two hours. Which for me is great usually lipsticks are gone on me in about 30 minutes, possibly due to the fact that I'm a massive pig and don't stop snacking all day long.
I gave it a quick swatch across the back of my hand first to see what it was like. Excuse the man hands in the photo I have really dry skin atm. It swatched brilliantly and I really liked it so popped it straight on my lips. The texture of it is lovely, very creamy and nourishing, also it applied very easily which I really enjoyed. Another great thing is that it didn't stick in the little grooves I have on my lips which most other lipsticks do. Yay. Plus I love the colour and think it really suited me well.
According to the Burberry website a single kiss of colour gives understated luminosity, two or three kisses gives intense depth and vibrancy. I can't say I have tried it enough yet to really see if the second or third kiss will leave my lips vibrant, but with one kiss I am a fan so I may dip into my bank balance and splash out and get the full size product soon.

Did you get a sample? What shade did you choose?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Absolutely love the colour! I wish I had got the chance to get a sample, so jealous! x


    1. I really do love the colour, really think it suits me. Thanks for reading and sorry you didn't get one. You never know they may have some more giveaway's soon.