10 Things I Believe Are Truly Real

I am quite a superstitious person and have even dabbled in Wicca and spells once in a while. Weirdo and proud! For today's post I thought I'd bring you a little list of 10 things that I truly believe in. I'm sure most of you will think its all nonsense but each to their own right?! It's up to you if you believe it all too.

  1. We have all lived past lives. I have deja vu all the time, from recognising peoples faces even though I have never met or seen them before, to going somewhere new and feeling like I've been there before even though I know I haven't.
  2. Wishes do come true. When I say wishes I mean the ones you make when you blow the petals from the dandelion plants, like when you were a small child. Don't tell me you never did that. I have wished for many things over the years and I have most of them now. Take my lovely boyfriend for instance I wished for him and here he is.
  3. Fairies are real. I have always felt that fairies are real and every time I see a ring of wild mushrooms in the woods I know they are somewhere close by.
  4. Animals talk to each other. Do you remember that movie Homeward Bound? The one with the two dogs and the cat that get lost and find there way back home across this big countryside. Well in that they all spoke to each other and ever since I saw it I'm convinced my mums dogs talk to each other.
  5. Karma's a bitch. 'You reap what you sow', I love this saying. I really believe that if your a nicer person, nicer things will happen to you. I try to live by this rule each and everyday. 
  6. I can predict the future. Okay so this one is possibly not true but, I have the oddest feeling in the pit of my stomach sometimes and then a short while later something bad will happen. When I say bad I don't mean anything too series just things like I leave my key at home or like the time I had a funny feeling about a work do and someone forgot to bring their secret Santa prezzie. 
  7. 'Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck'. My Dad taught me this saying years ago and every time I see a penny on the floor I make sure I pick it up. After I always have a wonderful day.
  8. I used to be a bird. Okay so again you are going to think I'm mad, if you don't already, but I really have such an affinity with birds that I just must have been one before. Plus I am pretty good at whistling like a bird too, just ask my work colleagues! 
  9. Beware Black Cats. Ever heard that saying, 'if a black cat crosses your path you'll have bad luck'. This one has to be true because years ago this happened to me and after my aunt almost ran me over. Could be a coincidence but I believe it, so black cats stay away from me.
  10. Anyone want some money? When my right hand itches I come in to money, sound strange? Well of course it does hey! This is totally true though, my palm will itch and then I will somehow have money, I'm not talking loads of money or anything. Just pennies or sometimes the odd fiver. But money will come my way usually I'll find some on the floor etc or someone will give me some.
So there you have it 10 things I truly believe, do you believe any of them or me?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Haha, I am not a supersticious person but I believe a few things myself. Especially I tell myself to believe in Karma. :D It's the only way to stand annoying and mean people.

    1. haha yes definitely. Annoying people always get what;s coming to them.