Stationery Wishlist

It's National Stationery Week this week, so I couldn't let it slip by without doing a stationery wishlist post for you now could I? I don't think I've said on here before but I am a massive stationery lover
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10 Things I Believe Are Truly Real

I am quite a superstitious person and have even dabbled in Wicca and spells once in a while. Weirdo and proud! For today's post I thought I'd bring you a little list of 10 things that I truly believe in. I'm sure most of you will think its all nonsense but each to their own right?! It's up to you if you believe it all too.
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Let's Talk ~ PMS

PMS now ladies you now what I'm going to be talking about today but for any guys who are wondering what it is, it's that time of the month that us ladies get a tiny bit more sensitive.
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Short and Sweet

Just a short and sweet post for you today! Pun intended!
Yesturday I went to my first Blogger meetup, a rather fun chocolate making workshop.
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The Disney Tag

After being involved in my first #crazybloggers chat last night on Twitter I felt inspired to do the Disney Tag for you today. The chat was Disney themed you see, and I had such fun finding out what we all love about Disney and which Princesses we'd all love to be.
Disney for me was such a massive part of my childhood, I would sit for hours imaging
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Is 30 Too Old To Start Voting?

This year is the first time that I will vote in the general election. I know this is ridiculous as I am 30 years old, but when I lived back at mums it was never something she did so I never really thought that much about it. As the years went on it was never a priority for me and I found it all rather confusing anyway. I did have the odd thought that maybe I should be voting, you know women's rights and all that, but like I said I just didn't think it was that big a deal to vote or not.
Over the last few years I have got more into reading about and watching the election, so I feel I am finally ready this year to choose my party.
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I Want To Be A Unicorn

Ever since I was a small child I have been obsessed with Unicorns, I had so many unicorn toys it was ridiculous. This obsessions hasn't stopped even though I'm now way into adulthood. I think it may have even got worse.
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Newbies In My Make-up Stash

I love getting new products to try and I love it even better when they actually turn out to be pretty amazing!
Here's a few of the newbies I have in my ever growing make-up stash.
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My Little Giveaway

I now have 85 wonderful Youtube subscribers, (yay) which makes me so happy. So thanks to all of you that have stuck with me and all you newbies.
Today I thought I'd post another little reminder about my giveaway.
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Sushi Anyone?

A few weeks back I finally went to a Sushi bar (Yo Sushi) for the first time with my friend Esme and absolutely loved it so thought I'd do a little review for you today
Sushi is something that I am quite new to eating, I mean I love fish but
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Who Needs A Clarisonic? When You Can Use This £2 Wonder

To start with today I should probably say I have spot prone, sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin so a Clarisonic is always something I have wanted to try but think my skin might react badly so haven't taken the plunge yet and got one. But that's not to say I'm not always on the hunt for the next wonder product to help with my skin.
I recently tried a cheap facial cleansing brush that I got from
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365 Blog Post Ideas?

The other day on Instagram one of the lovely bloggers I follow (sorry I've forgotten who it actually was) had a picture of a new book. The book in the picture was 365 Blog Topic Ideas by Dana Fox. Of course I had to get my hands on it. I never need much of an excuse to spend money now do I?! Shopaholic right here. But I actually think this book is going to come in quite handy.
Basically the book is for those days when your stuck thinking 
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Blog Post? Or Youtube Video?

Being a Blogger and Youtuber at the same time is sometimes hard. I often wonder when would a post be better as a video or when will said video possibly be better as a post?
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A Burberry Kiss Anyone?

A while back Burberry took to Twitter to offer us beauty hungry lot a free mini sample of their new line of lipsticks, Burberry Kisses.
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Buttons Banana Bread

The other day whilst browsing Youtube as you do. Well I definitely do! I came across a fab video from Essie Button. Her Banana Bread Recipe. I love banana bread and got all inspired
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Its All About The Bag! The Bag! The Bag!

I am one very happy lady indeed. I got a new bag the other day and didn't pay a penny.
Okay so I'm making it seem way more dramatic
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11 Reasons Why Drinking Through A Straw Is Great!

A few years back my Dentist (I've possibly imagined this) told me that drinking fizzy drinks through a straw isn't half as bad on your teeth, then when you just chug it back. So fast forward a few years and I pretty much now just drink everything through a straw.
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A Little Hair Saviour

Itchy scalp and dry hair!? No thanks..
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In Pictures ~ Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung hasn't it. I love Spring time, it's one of my favourite times of year. All the flowers are in bloom, were treated to the odd sunny day and the rain has finally, well almost finally stopped. Also everyone just seems so much more happier. 
One thing I love to do when the seasons change is take pictures of the outdoors, and the other day
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On My Radar ~ April Edition

A new series I'm going to be posting each month is starting today. On My Radar is going to be about all the things I want to have or need in my life for the month ahead. There will also be a few places I must go or movies I must see thrown in. Hope you like this months edition.
Okay so to start with Netflix finally have
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Powder Wishlist

I always love the change of the seasons and Spring is one of my favourite times of year. I love
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My Westfield Shopping Experience

I went to Westfield Shopping Centre on Saturday with my boyfriends mum Liz and had an absolutely brilliant day. I hadn't been before so didn't quite realise just how much would be there.
Versace, Mulberry, Jo Malone gosh the list is endless. Basically it was my dream destination.
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