The Wonder of Widgets

If like me your a fellow blogger widgets need to become your bff..

Okay so what is a widget? 
Well widgets are
in general a snippet of self contained code, a program per say that you can add to your blog or your site. You probably will have seen them before on sites and blogs you've already been on. I've got them on mine. (just take a look down the side there). You can get a widget for just about thing. There are the social media widgets, the advert widgets. The video widgets and more. Like I said there's a widget for almost anything you want.

Two great sites I've found for helping to increase reader engagement and content sharing with widgets are LinkWithin and AddThis.
LinkWithin is great for getting your readers to see your previous posts, look below there's a few of mine! Go have a little read... lol
AddThis is great for letting your readers share the hell out of your blog. Look to the left and feel free to share away you lovely lot!

Both these sites make it super easy to install the widgets and for anyone a little scared about adding things onto your blog don't be, if I could do it you definitely can. I am the worst with anything technical. Click the links above and give it ago. What's the harm..

There are tons more sites with widgets for you out there but for now I'll leave it at these two. Go and install them then let me know what you think?! Has this post helped any of you! I'd love to know! Leave me a comment! 

Thanks Guys 
Love Hayley

(bottom two pictures are sourced from Google)


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