The Versatile Blogger Award

One of my lovely readers, Tania from Tania Louise nominated me for a little award the other day. The Versatile Blogger Award. This truly made my day.
Thank you soo much Tania.

''So what is this award?'' I hear you ask,
well it is an award for us newbie bloggers to get involved with. I have to list 7 random facts about myself then nominate another 15 other newbie bloggers to do the same.

On with my 7 random facts now -
  1. I can make quite convincing bird noises.
  2. I wish I had the guts to dye my hair purple. (one day maybe?!)
  3. I want to have three children, preferably in the this order - two girls then a boy. I even know what their names will be..
  4. I can tell when something bad will happen, I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach on the day, then with out fail something bad will happen. Spooky right?
  5. I have to sit on the same chair on my lunch break every day at work other wise I feel sick.
  6. I once ruined a sandwich toaster with bleach. It was dirty so I just gave it a spray, the next time we used it there was an awful smell and we couldn't use it so we had to chuck it away.
  7. I love to listen to The Carpenters.
Well that was fun.

Here are my nominees -

Charlotte from Charlotte Harvs
Ellen from MissTomlinson1990
Kayleigh from Very Berry Cosmo
Annuh from Vintage Over Chic
Sophie from Sophie Goodswin
Karishma from Beneath The Brush
Chelsea from Chelsea Potter
Brianna from Extraordinary Days
Ana from March and May
Valentina from Fashion With Valentina

Apologies if any of you have already been nominated I just love all your blogs so think you need to do this fun thing too.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Great post! How come you have to sit in the same chair every day? Is this like Sheldon from the Big Bang theory? 😁
    Thank you for the nomination, gorgeous! It will take me a few days to do this, sind there's so much going on with green week on my blog currently! πŸ€

    1. Haha I don't know really I'm just mad clearly.. Look forward to your pos hun and very excited to read all the posts for green week..

  2. thanks for the nomination hun i'll do this for my Fridays post, you really weren't wrong when you said you were weird lol

    1. Looking forward to your post hun.. And yes I am a massive weirdo! #dontcare

    2. Great post,thank you for nominating me.I also sometimes get weird feeling in my stomach like something is gonna happen,we are like weirdo twins ;)

      Valentina from

    3. Haha I like it weirdo twins! Look forward to reading your post!

  3. Ah I still have to do this, keep forgetting but thanks for the nomination :)

    1. No problem hun I'm looking forward to your post..

  4. Ah I still have to do this, keep forgetting but thanks for the nomination :)