Springtime Lovelies From BarryM

BarryM have gone and done it again!

They had a new range of nail polishes launch (The Speedy Range) that I just had to get my hands on. I mean obviously seeing as I'm obsessed with BarryM and currently have about 100 nail polishes from them I just had to have them 'obviously'.  :) Okay a slight exaggeration there but but I do have quite a collection of their polishes.

Also lucky old me (omg I was 30) had my birthday last month so I actually got a few of these from my lovely sister, which was just brilliant. So now I almost have the whole collection.
I have six shades Pit Stop, Road Rage, Pole Position, Full Throttle, Lap of Honour and Eat my Dust. These are all super quick drying hence the name and the colours are all just lovely.

My favourite has to be Lap of Honour the gorgeous purple one. I mean obviously again here. #purpleaddict

Have you got any? Do you love BarryM nail polishes like I do?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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