My Lazy Day Essentials

We all need a good old Lazy Day every now and then don't we!

Here's a few things I love to do on those days where I just can't be arsed to do much.
Firstly I love to have a bath so some lovely bubbles are in order. I've been using the Imperial leather shower gels for years and at the moment love the smell of funfair nostalgia, it smells like candy floss. After my bath where I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair, I'll just spray some dry shampoo in my hair then bung it up in a messy bun on top of my head. #messyhairdontcare I'm currently loving the Colab dry shampoos, they are really great and don't leave that horrid white chalky look like others can. 

I don't really bother with make up on lazy days and if I'm being really lazy I won't even bother with my usual moisturiser I'll just use some hand cream for my face and hands! After I'll put some carmex on my lips, they get dry all the time so I use this every day with out fail.  
That should all take about half hour, so once I've slipped back into my pj's its time for some Netflix or magazine reading. I love to just sit back with a drink in hand eating a sneaky packet of sweets and relax! 

What do you do and use on your Lazy Days? 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley 


  1. I have that shower gel in my shower right now. Their shower gels are lit my fave right now ��

    1. It smells so devine doesn't it?!? Love it soo much.