It's all just too much sometimes!

Life can be so overwhelming can't it!?

I've not been feeling great lately! Not quite myself! I'm bored at work! I have to much to do at home! My Blog is not good enough! I have too much to do on my Blog! I'm running out of post ideas! I have too many post ideas! I can't stop picking my spots! I can't be bothered going on my runs! I can't stop eating! My house is a mess! I hate my life!!!
Possibly a bit dramatic there on that last sentence, but I just feel really weird at the moment like I'm stuck. I feel like I'm about to go in a direction that could lead to great things but something's holding me back. Am I scared? Hell yeah!.

I worry I am not doing what a 30 year old should be doing! I haven't got married yet! I don't have any children yet! I still haven't passed my damn driving test! I don't have any savings in the bank! I sometimes can't even be bothered having sex! How does my boyfriend put up with me?

What am I doing with my life?!?

I keep comparing myself to other people! Every other Blogger or Youtuber seems so much better than me! Will I ever even get 100 subscribers on my channel! Why doesn't anyone like me! Why have I not got a really exciting life! I should travel more! I need to buy more clothes! I need to get a dog! Why don't I just shut up!

Do you ever just feel like your faking your life? I join in at work and don't tell anyone that I have no fucking clue what their all talking about. I join in on Twitter chats and try my hardest to send the coolest tweets and reply's. I try to keep up with all the latest trends but just don't have enough time or money to buy it all. I always seem to be a bit behind everyone else! I have no fashion sense at all. I haven't been in Primark in over a year!

OMG how am I even a blogger or youtuber if I haven't set foot in Primark for that long?

Do you ever just wish life was easier? I want to sit in my room and paint! But when the fuck will I have time for that? I want to read all the books in my flat but again when the fuck will I have time for that? I don't want to have to pay bills! I don't want to do house cleaning or wash up the fucking dishes!

I don't want to be a responsible grown up! I want to just go to the park and go on the swings!

Bring back those carefree days I had when I was a kid!

Sorry for the rant but I had to just let it all out.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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  1. A really great blog post Hayley, I always feel like this that everyone is moving 1000x faster than me and I am stuck and can not move, I always wonder if People like my youtube and blog too. Will I ever get to a 1000 subscribers or will I never. Will my blog ever take off. I always love reading your blog and love watching your videos too. So always remember when you feel like this their is me who loves to read and watch your blog and youtube.

    1. Aaawww Sophie this has made my day! Your so sweet thanks for your kind words! And thanks for saying your there! Love you girly!!

  2. Aside from the fact I'm not thirty yet, I really could have written this word for word! Trust me when I say you're not the only one who thinks these things! I really need to learn to drive and I always feel like my blog isnt as good or as memorable or as likeable as others and I really want a puppy and I hate going on my exercise bike and having to watch what I eat all the time! I work from home so I get distracted by all the people out there with really sociable and busy lives and I feel like I'm not doing enough even though I don't have time to do all the things I want to do like painting and reading! Just got to focus on the good things like our boyfriends who put up with us aha! X

    1. Thanks for this Charlotte, it makes me feel so much better hearing that I'm not the only one who feels shitty at times. Focusing on the good is great advice thanks hun and yes I really don't no how my boyfriend puts up with me all the time.. :)