Easy D.I.Y Mother's Day Gift's

Mother's day is so close (it's this Sunday!), so if any of you need a little inspiration
as to what to get your lovely Mum. Keep reading..
I love a good D.I.Y project so when I thought of this I knew it would be perfect for my Mum.

I got the picture from a charity shop and the frame form Wilkinson so it didn't break the bank either. I really don't think with gift giving you need to spend a fortune. It's more about the thought you put into the gift than what they actually get. Okay so ''Gorilla's backsides''? I hear you ask. Well my mum is obsessed with Gorilla's I actually think she may have been one in a past life so I know she will love this.
Here's how I made it :-

Firstly you need an old picture, a new frame and some stickers with words on. All you do is pop the old picture into your new frame, then add your chosen words. I went for With Love, then your done. How easy was that?
If you still need an idea, how about making a plant gift? Just get some small plants like these cactus, some compost and a nice new pot, put it all together then hey presto another lovely gift for your mum.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I love the photo idea, so easy to do and a very thoughtful present :)

    Rebecca Coco

    1. Thankyou! Yes and my mum loved it too, gave it to her today and she was very happy.