Possible ^Spoiler Alert^ here so stop reading if you haven't seen it yet..
I went to see Cinderella the other evening and thought it was amazing. The story is one of my favourite Disney stories,
and this remake was done brilliantly. I always worry when they do a remake though, will they wreck the original? what will they change? But I needn't have worried they stuck to the true story and the casting was spot on and each and everyone of them seemed perfectly suited to their roles. The pairing of Cinderella and Prince Charming was especially good too, they seemed to have great chemistry, which made it all seem so more real. Oh how I love a good love story! If you don't know the story where the hell have you been? ~ click here this will help.
There was a lovely message running through out the movie too "have courage and be kind" this is something that really struck a cord with me. If we all had a little more courage and were kinder to each other we wouldn't have all these wars and problems in the world would we. Something else that stuck with me was how amazing the costumes were. All the dresses were just lovely and I have become a little obsessed with trying to find myself some glass slippers.
How gorgeous is her wedding dress I need it, its just divine.. I'd absolutely love it if they did a Beauty & The Beast remake next.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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