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Are you a dog or cat lover? I'm definitely a dog lover.
When I first moved in with my boyfriend it was actually a bitter sweet moment
because on the one hand I was moving in with my lovely boyfriend and getting my own place which was amazing, but on the other hand I had to say goodbye to my mums lovely dogs.

Mum has three little dogs, a Pug (Bruiser), a Jack Russell-patterdale cross (Ruby) and a tiny mongrel (Pebbles). All three are just the loveliest dogs, all are great with kids and all have such funny little personalities. Take Bruiser for instance he loves hanging with my brother Neil in his bedroom and if you go in he will bark at you as if to say get out of my room. It's soo funny. Ruby is definitely Mums dog she follows her around and even sleeps in her bed. Then there's Pebbles who is my favourite, she is just so cute. I always used to imagine I was like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde with my very own chihuahua. It really was sad leaving them all behind but I try to see them as often as I can.
I was given some lovely samples from to give to my Mum for her adorable little dogs recently. Inside the package was some Pedigree Schmackos*, which the dogs ate in about three seconds flat. A big pouch of Scottish Salmon dried food* which they all really enjoyed and a tin of healthy dog food* (the wet sort) which they weren't as keen on as the dry food. Possibly because they normally have dried food everyday. formally known as PetShopBowl are a home delivery subscription service for your pets. Think Glossybox but for pets. They have such a vast selection of items on their website from food to bedding, dog collars to training aids etc. Pretty much anything you would need for your pets they have it. Their service is brilliant too as pet food can be quite heavy and with this service you get it delivered straight to your door hassle free. Also if you spend over £19.99 it's free delivery. You can even choose how frequently you want things delivered from every two weeks up to every twelve weeks. This is such a brilliant idea as I remember Mum sending me to the local shops to grab their food and it was always so heavy to carry. PetShop have totally got this spot on for the modern petshop shopping experience.

Have you heard about this service? Isn't it great? My Mum was very happy with me when I bought the package round, I am going to have to sign her up for a few orders soon.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(this is not a sponsored post, items marked with * are PR samples kindly given to me)


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