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So since I'm set on becoming a fashion blogger too these days, (haha I'm the most unfashionable person I know but maybe one day hey) I thought I'd start with a little post
about some gorgeous earrings* I recently got my hands on.

These lovely earrings are from Body Jewellery shop,  I remember when I was a kid and ear piercing was such a big thing. If you didn't have your eyes pierced you were the weird kid. I was quite daring back then and had two holes put into my ears. I remember walking into school the next day thinking I was so cool. Haha those were the days.

Okay so back to today's post. I got three lovely sets, two on the more grown up side and one for the inner child still trying to climb back out of me.
The first are these gorgeous stainless steel stars*. Who doesn't love stars right? These are lovely and when I wore them to work the other day everyone said how nice they looked. I love them. These would be great to wear to a festival in the summer too.
Next are these lovely jewelled square* earrings. These are my favourite. I feel really ladylike when I have these on. Love how the clear jewel glistens in the light too. These are just perfect to wear on a date night with your boyfriend.
Lastly I have these wacky dark blue dice* earrings. These are for that inner child I was talking about earlier. My thirteen year old self would have worn the shit out of these. They are so fun to wear. Again these would be perfect for those festival summer days too. I'm really in the mood to go to a festival this year. If you have any recommendations please comment below.

Okay again back to today's post. Gosh I'm getting distracted today, festivals and fun times. It must be that naughty child popping its head out again.

Haha you should all go and check out this great website they have so many great things.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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