Blogging & Social Media Tips

Social Media is great and has been a big help in getting my
blog and posts noticed.

To start with I want to say that I'm no blogging whizz (just yet!) and don't have thousands of followers or anything like that (yet!), but today I thought I'd share what I do and the tips I have found really useful. 
Firstly let's talk Twitter and Instagram. Okay so I'm sure you have these and love tweeting and posting your latest yummy meal or gorgeous bag you just bought, but there are ways you can use them to your advantage in the blogging world as well. 

So how do these help with blogging I hear you ask? Well twitter is huge and has so many bloggers on there that it would be silly not to take advantage of that if your a blogger. I say follow as many other bloggers as you can, tweet as many other bloggers as you can. If you read a great post or see a great blog design tweet about it. I have recently found so many great bloggers out there that are just lovely. Another great way to get your blog noticed on twitter is the Blogger RT Community, this is massive on Twitter and two accounts I am currently loving are @FemaleBloggerRT and @UKBlog_RT. Each morning I will tweet that days post and mention both these accounts in the tweet. They will then RT my tweet and this goes out to everyone that follows them. (Currently 21k followers for @FemaleBloggerRT and 5k followers for UKBlog_RT). This is a huge opportunity to get noticed. I recently did a post about concealer and got a lot of activity on that tweet. The same goes for Instagram, follow and talk to those bloggers. Instagram is also great for sharing your posts. I like to pop a picture up in the evening with that days post and links. This really helps generate real views on my blog. I'm actually quite obsessed with checking my states each evening. My most views on my Blog per day is currently 88. Yay! Also link your blog to them both, Bloglovin is great for this. 

Okay so Bloglovin! I'm sure you've heard about it and hopefully if your a blogger you are already linked to this site, but if your not familar with it here's what it is and does. 

Bloglovin is a site were bloggers can share their blog and posts to other bloggers, a little Blogger Community really. You can link your blog to twitter through the app and save posts from other bloggers too. I also get lots of inspiration from here for my own posts. There are so many great bloggers out there. Another great thing you can do is get the Bloglovin' button to add to your blog. See mine down the page on the right. Click this link - (button) and it will take you to the site and explain what to do. Its super easy. If I could do it you definitely can.
Another couple of great sites I've found are The Blogger Programme and etailpr both are social platforms where bloggers, brands and publishers can connect. You can also sign up to brands to add adverts to your blog to generate income and traffic to yours and the brands site. Let me know if you would like a post about adverts and earnings for your blog in the future?!  

One last thing to add #HASHTAG the crap out of your Twitter and Instgram accounts!! People will find you through these. 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I always think connection is the most important part, just getting to know other great girls and building relationships with other bloggers or youtubers. :) I am not about the numbers, I don't want my channel or blog to grow like crazy, so that is just what works for me. :)

    1. I agree connection is very important. I have met such lovely people through my blog, channel and twitter. I have so many dreams and wishes for the future and if that means I get more followers I'm happy but I'm also happy if its stays as it is. Thanks for reading hun.

  2. I know what you mean, I am rubbish at social media, Twitter especially but I am trying to get better. If I didn't I would have found your lovely blog. Loved the post x

    The Reluctant Wanderlust

    1. Aaaww thank you. You have a lovely blog too. Yes Twitter was so confusing when I first got it but its great now.. Love the whole Blogging community thing on there.