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For today's Tip Tuesday I thought I'd bring you a few Blog Design tips I have learnt along the way. So if your a newbie Blogger just keep reading..

Before I start I again want to say I am no expert here and I haven't bought a custom template or anything like that, just had some fun learning what I can do for myself for free.

I currently use the Blogger site for my Blog, so sorry if you are coming over from Wordpress etc, but I'm sure a few of these tips will still be relevant in some way.

Okay to start with if your using the Blogger site they ask you to choose your template, easy right? Well not necessarily. Really have a look at these, pick one that you like the layout on, think about where your links will go, where you want your post to go etc. Also don't worry about the colour you can change that later.

Once the template is chosen the fun can begin. Customise time baby! (I am currently using the watermark template). Go to the Template Designer section and hit the advanced button, here is where you change the colour, the sizing of your columns, actually just about anything. Don't be afraid to make it as unique as you are. I personally love the look of a white background for others (especially fashion bloggers), but for me I am a little obsessed with the colour purple so of course my background colour had to be purple.

Once your template and background colour are chosen it's onto the text for your blog. Did you know you can even change the colour of that.

Just one thing to remember here though, make sure the colour of your writing doesn't clash with your background colour. Also you want people to be able to read what you write so neon colours are probably a no go here.

Once your happy with how everything looks just start writing..

Come back next week for more Blogging tips..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley 


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