An App Recomendation

Have you noticed that with the release of the new Cinderella movie, there seems to be quite an obsession with
Cinderella themed items. There's the Limited edition Mac make-up range (which I need..), also T-shirts on Ebay, to toys in shops.
Something else I have come across is a new app which is of course Cinderella themed. It's called Cinderella Free Fall. Its a puzzle game where you match and connect jewels similar to the Frozen Free Fall game if you played that a while ago.

I'm already hooked, it's such a pretty game with glitter and sparkles all over the place. Very Disney Princess(y). This should keep me busy until I can head to the cinema and watch the movie. I'm very excited about this remake. I know I already know what's going to happen but I love Disney movies and these remakes they have been doing over the past few years are just fabulous so I can not wait to watch it.

I hope they do a Beauty and the Beast remake next.. That's my fav Disney Movie, what's yours?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(this is not a sponsored post)


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