Am I Overeating?!

As I wrote that title I looked back at it and thought yes I am.
Hahaha I mean I'll hold my hands up here and say I am a massive pig where food is concerned.
There's a saying I love which says 'you either eat to live or live to eat', I'm clearly the later.

I have always really enjoyed food. Even from a young age I remember sitting in class thinking mmm can't wait till lunch, also now I sit on the bus in the mornings contemplating what delicious meal I will have in the evening for dinner. It's getting to the point now where my boyfriend will make us a fry up (I know not the healthiest option but!), and my plate always seems to have more on then his. Am I in denial? Am I just meant to be a pig?

Who know's I sure as hell don't have all the answers.
Here's what I ate Yesterday. You be the judge and let me know if you think I'm an overeater..

For breakfast I started with a fry up which consisted of three sausages, two rashers of bacon and egg, two potato waffles, some plum tomatoes and two slices of toast.

Onto lunch and I had some microwave chips with two hamwiches (these are slices of ham and cheese that are coated in bread crumbs from icelands). Also a packet of crisps.

Then it was my dinner time, for dinner I had three crackers with grated cheese on top, some peanuts, three cherry tomatoes, two slices of pepper, another pack of crisps and some mini scotch eggs and sausage rolls.

For snacks I had three packs of sweets (two fruitella and one starburst). This is actually a pretty typical day of food for me.

So what's the verdict?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I love food but I always eat just the tiniest amounts. So I am pretty much a gourmet. ;) Today I had a homemade musli with some milk, a baby banana. I ate a small piece of white chocolate and a few crackers for lunch. For dinner a ate some pasta with cheesy sauce, way too much for small me. xD And I had about 2litres of tea today... Sometimes I wonder how I am still alive. I will probably have a bit of dark chocolate later, before I go to bed.

    1. I might have to try that only eating a tiny amount thing.. Plus the dark chocolate sounds rather tasty.. :)

  2. Mate if you're overeating it then I don't even want to think what I'm doing so lets just say we're ok? Though my scales to be fair would say I'm far from ok. Oops. There's a fat gene though right?

  3. Hahaha reading your comment has put a big fat smile on my face!! Pun intended! Yes there must be a fat gene!