3 Post Ideas For When You Get Stuck!

Today I thought I'd bring you 3 post ideas for those days when your brain doesn't
want to work properly and you just get stuck for ideas. Blogging is fun but every now and then life gets in the way and it can be hard to find the inspiration needed for writing a post.
  1. Reviews.
  2. Hauls.
  3. Wishlists.
So Reviews I hear you say, yes you could review just about anything from a beauty product, to a great book you've just read or even a restaurant you've just been to. Just give an honest opinion and link to the item or place then your on your way to a great post.

Hauls, these are really fun. People love to see what you've just bought. I personally haven't done many haul posts yet but I have done a few videos over on my channel and they were fun to make, so I want to bring hauls to the blog as well. Watch this space...

Wishlists. These are fun posts to write as well, I have done a Holiday wishlist, a mascara wishlist and I have a few more lined up. These posts are great because everyone has items they are lusting over and popping a post like this up is a great way for others to find amazing things they may not have know existed.

Hope this helps if your in need of some inspiration. Happy Blogging.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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