11 Things I've Already Learnt About Blogging

I've only been Blogging properly for just over six months but I have already learnt so much, there's been some good things and some not so good things I have already learnt whilst blogging my days away. So here they are..

  1. Tiredness is my new best friend, I am still working full time in a retail shop then coming home and blogging, I never knew it could be so tiring having two full time jobs. 
  2. My brain has too many ideas floating around, I am constantly thinking of new post ideas or pictures for my Blog that I have started to not do my proper job properly.. ooops.
  3. I have such wonderful support, from my lovely boyfriend firstly (thankyou Anthony) but also from my lovely reader's and a ton of lovely fellow bloggers on Twitter too.
  4. My Confidence has blossomed, I have always been more on the quiet side, perfectly happy to just watch things happen rather than be involved in things, but since I started Blogging my voice has decided to speak up for itself. I even took part in a twitter chat the other day. woop woop. Go me!
  5. I actually know how to use a laptop properly, years ago my laptop was just for playing Sims on. Who knew you could use it for other things!?
  6. I can be passionate about something, since starting my blog I never knew I could be this passionate about something. I mean I always get hooked on things, like the time I spent £70 on puppy in my pockets as a kid. (they were my obsession). But I am so passionate about achieving great things on my Blog.
  7. A lot of people don't understand the whole blogging world, my mum especially but even younger people which surprised me. I work with quite a lot of younger kids (16 - 18yr olds) in my retail job and when I'm there banging on about my latest post or this and that blog I have recently discovered hardly anyone knows what I'm talking about. I thought this was the new younger persons craze?
  8. I feel Blogging is what I am supposed to be doing with my life, back at school I was always that kid that just got by, I didn't do great in science class so obviously wasn't going to become a scientist, I hated sports so sure as hell wasn't going to be an athlete. Then when leaving school I had no clue what to do, so just got a job in a shop. I have done quite well for myself in retail so I'm not slating that but I just have this sense of purpose in my life now which wasn't there before.
  9. I'd make such wonderful new friends, a lot of the time people think its weird when you haven't met someone in person but you class them as friends, well I don't. I have met such lovely people through Instagram and Twitter recently that I definitely class as my new friends. Hello you lovely lot..
  10. I'd feel so overwhelmed, this is only a recent thing for me, but the other day I was just sitting in my living room thinking wow people are actually reading my blog. I'm so happy but at the same time a little scared too.
  11. My Blog is the perfect place for all my weirdness to shine through, I'm not going lie I am a strange girl. I mean I hate anything sticky near me! But I really feel that all my weirdo strengths have found a place they like to blend together in perfect harmony. 
Blogging + Me = A Match Made in Heaven.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I am really glad you enjoy blogging so much. :) I feel similar about Youtube, it's just so much fun and especially the whole new friends thing. :D

    1. Thank you hun, I really do love it. Also yes Youtube is so great and I'm so grateful I've met such wonderful people from both areas...

  2. Aw this is such a lovely post! Glad you're enjoying the blogging world :)

    1. Thanks gorgeous I'm glad I love it too. The blogging world is fats becoming my life...

  3. This is brilliant. I am about a week old and wow all the technology is fabulous and so much fun. I identify so much with this x I am www.darceygrowsup.co.uk (doing it for the oldies lol)

    1. AAww thanks for saying its brill. I'll check your blog later lovely.. :)