Tip Tuesday

Being a mascara addict I thought it was time I shared a few tips and tricks I've
learnt over the years about mascara with you.
Firstly and this is probably the most important. NEVER curl your lashes after applying your mascara. This is something you should all remember as you don't want to end up pulling your lashes out. No joke this can actually happen.

Next don't keep your mascara for too long they only have a shelf life of around six months, You could probably keep it for nine months really, but it will start to dry out and it can make your eyes itchy. Also don't share your mascara, we all have little bugs on our lashes that are okay for us but not someone else. You don't want sensitive and itchy eyes do you?
Lastly if you want thicker looking lashes coat both sides, it can be a bit fiddly and you may get in a bit of of a mess but with practice this is a great tip, especially if you want that dramatic night time look for a party.

Random fact for you now -

Mascara used to be made in the form of a pressed cake, you would have
 to take a small amount out and use a wet brush to apply the product. This was very messy and nothing like the creamy formula we love and use today.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. I think in the past girls used to spit into those solid mascaras, by the way. ^^ To wet their brush on the go. I've heard it in some video. ;)

    1. eeeww I'm so glad we don't have that problem today. Love the mascara's we have now..

  2. We have bugs on our lashes?! Gross!! haha, never thought to coat both sides of my lashes, need to practice this :) x

    Jadie | www.jadiespillett.com

    1. Hahaha yes Jadie we do. It's horrid isn't it!