Tip Tuesday

Happy Pancake Day!

With it being Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day today, I thought
Tip Tuesday needed a citrus injection.
So let's talk Lemons..

Firstly lemon juice is just delicious! Don't you think?

Added to hot water with a drop of honey it's great for easing a sore throat. Plus being packed full of vitamin C it helps improve your digestive system and can prevent constipation.

Lemon has many benefits for your health, and they even say that drinking a glass a day will help make you more beautiful from the inside out. I'm definitely all for that..

Even acne prone skin can take advantage of the wonder of lemon juice, it can help ease inflammation and rid you of spots.
Here's a great little acne busting tip I used years ago* :-

Apply fresh lemon juice to a cotton bud,
dab lightly on any infected spots.
 It may sting a little at first but if you leave
 it over night it will massively
 improve the infection and possible rid you of
 those beastly spots by the morning. 
Remember to wash your face properly
 in the morning then your good to go..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

*please remember I am not a trained expert here, so check if you are allergic to lemon before applying to your face, also if it stings too much just wash it straight off.

(pictures are all taken from google)


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