Printic Loving

A while ago when searching the app store for inspiration I came across a brilliant new app called Printic.

Printic is an app made for
printing all your favourite pictures from the likes of Instagram and Facebook. You can choose to have them printed in a book, as magnets, a photo keepsake box, and even as calendars or posters.
I went for the photo keepsake box option (£15.90) which prints them like polaroid pictures. They turned up in the post a few weeks back and I really love how they turned out. You get to print 50 pictures in the photo box option, so I got to searching for my favourites. I had so many to chose from that I will have to make another box soon but here's a few from this time round.
I love the idea that you can keep all your pictures in a lovely little box. Plus you can add a personal touch to each photo by added a description or changing the background colour. I may even put a few in my scrapbook. Or make a photo collage for my wall.

Have you tried Printic yet?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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