My Valentines Day Wish List

I love Valentines day. It's such a special day to me. I've been with my boyfriend for six years now and have kept every card and present he's ever got me. (Think I may be an old romantic). 

Some people may think this is odd or silly but to me they are memories of our relationship and keepsakes I want to be able to show our children. 
I know most people think its just commercialised, money grabbing nonsense, but I love the idea that for one day you can celebrate love and all that means to you.

Also getting spoiled and spoil someone you love is just lovely.

If I was to plan the perfect day here's how it would be! 

I'd wake up next to my gorgeous man, have a little snuggle! Then we'd have breakfast in bed. Followed by a stroll through a lovely park. Then once we were back home we'd snuggle up again and watch a soppy film! 

The perfect day in my eyes. Not so sure it's Anthony's ideal day, and in reality it may be a little different but all I'm really hoping for is just some time with my lovely boyfriend. Yes I've gone all soppy but it is Valentine's Day tomorrow so it's allowed.  

How are you spending yours? What's your wish list for a perfect day?

Hope you have a lovely day whatever your doing. 

One last thing, let's all remember we need to learn to love ourselves more too. 

Happy Valentine's Day 
Love Hayley


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