Mascara & More

Soap & Glory! You've heard of the brand right? Me too and I love their bath bits, but I'd never tried there make-up until I
stumbled across it in my local boots a few weeks back.

I just had to take advantage of a 3 for 2 offer in store and got a mascara (obvs), a bronzer and a highlighter. Specially the Thick & Fast Mascara, the Solar Powder Bronzer and the Hocus Focus Highlighter.
So let's start with the mascara, well this one is great it has seven sides to the brush and coats the lashes really well. I personally can't see the seven sides and to me it looks like there are only actually two, one long and one short bristled edge. When applying I like to start with the long side then build the mascara with the short side, twisting the wand around as I go. Really love how my lashes look with this mascara on, but one down side is that I have to curl my lashes before otherwise they drop very quickly throughout the day.
Next is the bronzer, this is just lovely and I am always a massive fan of bronzer. I actually went three years non-stop wearing concealer and only bronzer. Thank god I don't do that any-more, plus it was a very sparkle bronzer so clearly not a good look. Let's hope there aren't too many pictures floating around the internet. But back to the bronzer now, it is great and doesn't have too much sparkle to it which I love. Plus the two sides compliment each other really well and when I sweep my brush across it seems to be a perfect match for my skin tone and adds a lovely sun kissed look to my cheeks and temple. I even tried a bit of contouring the other day with it, but I need a bit more practice with that. So no contouring pro here just yet.
Now lastly let's talk about the lovely highlighter, I have been mixing mine with my cc cream which I use before I pop my foundation on and it is amazing my face looks so bright and luminous. I feel I'm totally ready for the warmer weather to begin now. I tried it on it's own first and wasn't that blown away, it just seemed to cling to my skin in all the wrong places, but once mixed with another product its lovely. I'm not sure I will repurchase but I am glad I have it for now.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Lovely review. :) I haven't tried their makeup either... Maybe I will.

    1. Thanks hun. Yes do so it is lovely I am definetly going to try more from the brand.