A New Found Nail Love

Have you ever heard of Sensationail?!

I hadn't until I had a recent visit round my sister's house. She is a massive nail polish addict.. (here's her instagram account). So she obviously has the latest stuff, and that includes an at home gel nail kit.
So what is Sensational then?! Well it's a nail brand that specialise in at home gel nail kits. Promising to give you salon quality gel nails that will last two weeks. The kits consist of a Pro 3060 Led Nail lamp, two gel nail polishes, a gel primer, a gel base & top coat, a gel cleanser and a nail buffer..

Here's what you have to do -
Firstly prep your nails(you know file/buff them), then with a lint free cloth wipe them with a bit of gel cleanser to clean any mess off. Then it's onto the gel primer adding one coat, after that add on a layer of the gel base/top coat. Using the Led lamp to dry each coat. After it's onto the gorgeous gel nail colour. You have to add one coat first let it dry under the lamp then add on a second coat. Once dry you need one more coat of the base/top coat. And lastly wipe the nails again with the cleanser to polish them. Then their done. It's so quick and easy to do.
My lovely sister kindly painted mine for me and had some glitter so we added that on top for a sparkly effect, perfect for valentines.. Don't they look gorgeous. The set's are quite expensive at £69.99 but I am very tempted to get one myself.

Have you tried it?
What do you think of gel nails? This is the first time I have had them and I love them.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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