30 Things I've Learnt In 30 Years

Today is my 30th birthday (omg!) so I thought I'd bring you
30 things I've learnt in life so far.
  1. Let the love in, cheesy I know but don't be afraid to love someone.
  2. You will be okay going for a jog with no make - up on.
  3. Mascara is the best beauty product ever invented.
  4. Youtube is the greatest thing on the internet, apart from this blog obvs.
  5. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't.
  6. Never leave the house with out turning all the electricity off, it will save you a fortune on your bills.
  7. Read as much as you can.
  8. Find a new hobby as often as you can, life is too short to do the same thing day in day out.
  9. Learn to bake it is so fun.
  10. Cleaning my house makes me very happy.
  11. Talk to people either in person or on-line, everyone gets scared but get out of your comfort zone.
  12. Always carry food with you. Okay maybe this one is only for me but I hate the thought that I could be stranded and hungry. (this would make me a very Hangry person).
  13. If you want something to change make it change.
  14. Spend as much time with your family and friends as you can.
  15. Teach all the younger people in your life about all the great classic TV shows and movies you watched growing up. (anyone remember Eerie Indiana?).
  16. Have a Harry Potter rerun session every year.
  17. It's okay to pick a few of your spots, just don't get obsessed with it. (gross I know but I love a good pick).
  18. Try as many new foods as you can, you may surprise yourself. I tried a mushroom the other day after swearing for years I didn't like them and it was actually okay.
  19. I love Indian food. Curry anyone?
  20. Contact lenses are not as scary as I thought they would be.
  21. I can learn about blog design and widgets. Who knew?
  22. I don't have to please everyone in my life.
  23. Whiskey with coke is my go to alcoholic beverage.
  24. Always keep a spare charger for your phone in your bag, I would be lost without mine.
  25. Doing something nice for someone else makes me happy.
  26. I'm actually good at this whole blogging and Youtubing thing.
  27. Wearing a back pack is perfectly acceptable if I want to.
  28. You don't need to keep negative people in your life.
  29. Stop giving yourself unachievable tasks.
  30. Lastly enjoy life. You only get one so make it a good one.
Hope you like this post it was fun to write.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Happy Birthday. :) You actually look much younger. I love this little post. Especially the one about carrying food. xD

    1. Oh thankyou hun!! Yes i need to carry food at all times!! Lol