10 Beauty Products I Just Can't Live Without

If your a regular reader you will know I love beauty products a lot!! Understatement of the century!! 

Well today I thought I'd bring you my top 10 Beauty Products I just couldn't live without!!

This is my ultimate must have product! Obvs!! I don't go a day without lashings of this on my lashes. 

Beauty Blender
My foundation has never looked better since using this. 

CC Cream
This is the base to all my make-up looks. Just feels wrong not to have this on my face.. 

A lip life saver in my opinion.. 

Barry M Nail Polish
My favourite nail polish brand by far.. #enoughsaid

Coconut oil
Love the stuff. Read why I love it here.. (my recent post)

Quite a new thing for me but I'm really enjoying not getting up early everyday just to wash my hair. So thank you very much dry shampoo for the extra sleep time.. 

Cream blusher
I don't think I'll ever use powder blush again. Love how it goes on, love how it looks. Yep I'm a convert. 

Another recent thing for me but can not stop covering those dark circles now.. 

Pressed powder
Specifically the Rimmel Stay Matte.. I love you, wonder product! 

What are your can't live without products?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Great post, might do a video on things i can't live without. Have a good day x

    1. Thanks hun.. Yes a video would be great.. Maybe I'll do one on the future too.. :)