Youtube Advice & Tips

Today is normally the day I will post my recent video but I have taken a small break from Youtube as I want to do some more research and find ways to improve my channel and my content.

One of the places I have been looking for inspiration is Youtube of course!
There are so many videos on how to make a successful channel, tips for improving your channel etc that I thought I'd share my favourites that I have found so far..

The first is from Savannahandstuff this video is really great and she talks about how to get views more easily, how to get more subscribers and how not to bombard other youtubers with your channel info, which is totally what we all want to do as new youtubers. I mean who doesn't want a shout out from a really successful youtuber. Yay to Melanie Murphy for subbing to my Channel..

The next video is from beautycrush, I have watched Sammie for ages and just love her laid back attitude. In this video she talks about not doing Youtube just for the money, and remembering that its a fun hobby and if you happen to get succesfull good on you. Also how to talk to your audience not your camera viewer.. This is exactly what I had been doing for my first few videos.. Lol No more though thanks to Sammi and my sister Darcy who rudely let me know how bad I looked..

The last one I want to mention is from Mylifeaseva, This one I found only a few days ago and it has great tips on how to make a good banner and thumbnail. Also tips on not needing all the latest tech. Natural lighting is a good thing!

If your a new Youtuber too please leave a link below to your channel and I'll sub4sub also if you have any videos or tips you want to share please do so..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. Thank you for these :) They're very helpful
    I'm also a new youtuber so these tips work really well for me <3

    Youtube channel:

    1. No problem I'm glad I could help.. I found these so helpful!! Aren't they great videos!?

      Also if you haven't already check my Channel out I'm off to check yours out..