Tip Tuesday

Today's tips are Nail themed!!

Firstly how annoying is it to take off glitter polish? Very annoying! I say..

Well here's a tip from Lily Pebbles, get some cotton wool, soak it in nail polish remover as normal, but instead of spending ages painstakingly wiping away. Wrap it around your finger with a little bit of tin foil over the top. Leave on for at least 10 minutes then this should help to easily slide the glitter polish off!!
Are you like me and always get nail polish all over your fingers as well as your nails? Well I have a brilliant tip I learnt a few months back.. Get a really thin paint brush, yes paint brush! An artist paint brush is perfect like the ones you used at school. Then while your nails are drying gentle and carefully clean up all the mess around the edges. Dipping the brush in nail polish remover! I find after I have finished cleaning up the mess my nails are usually dry as well. 

The last tip is for quickly drying your nails after popping your fav shade on! Simple run your nails under the cold tap and shake dry. They will then be almost instantly dry!!
Go give it a try now.. 

Random fact for you now -

The middle finger nail grows the fastest, whereas the thumb nail takes the longest. 
Also for those of you that are superstitious, it is said that if you cut your nails in the dark it will bring bad luck.. 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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