Tip Tuesday

Today's Tips are very minty..
Mmmmm mint I just love the stuff, mint flavoured sweets, mint flavoured chocolates and mint sauce on my roast lamb..

But on a more serious note Mint can actually be very beneficial when your having your monthly lady problem - pms.. If you pour a pint of milk and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil into your bath it will help ease any pains.. Plus it will smell gorgeous.

If you want to boost your energy sprinkle three drops of peppermint essential oil onto a handkerchief and sniff it when ever you feel like your energy is flagging..

Random fact for you now..

According to Greek mythology, Minthe the beautiful lover of Pluto, God of the underworld. Was turned into a lowly plant to be trodden on underfoot by his jealous wife Persephone. When the spell was unable to be broken Pluto decided to give the plant a scent that would perfume the air whenever the leaves were crushed..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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