Tip Tuesday

So I'm starting a new series called "Tip Tuesday"
as I'm sure you knew from the title lol. Anyway each Tuesday I'm going to pop a little tip or piece of advice that I have found useful or interesting in anyway!

Here's today's tip - Honey Honey Honey! 
So Honey is great for a number of things especially at this time of year...

Firstly it can help with a sore throats just pop a bit of honey and lemon in hot water and drink up. It also aids sleep just pop some honey in hot milk and drink just before bed.. Also if you eat local honey it may prevent seasonal allergies.

Random fact for you now..

Did you know that the word Honeymoon comes from the ancient Pagan practice of newly-weds drinking mead (which is a drink made from honey) for a full lunar cycle after the wedding. This is then supposed to increase fertility.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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