The Concealer That Every Girl Needs

I am so late on the bandwagon with concealers!

I just never really bothered with it before, if I had a spot I would just cake on more and more foundation and just hope no one would notice.. Sadly everyone would notice and I'm sure the poor spot didn't really like it either! So I have given in to peer pressure and bought the Collection lasting perfection 16 hour wear that almost every youtuber talks about...


Now I am a total convert. I have gone for the lightest shade and this seems to be a perfect match for my skin tone. The way I use it is, I will usually pop a bit on after I have done my cc cream and foundation, and it works a treat to cover any blemishes and getting rid of the dark circle's under my eyes that seem to be there most days at the moment.. Also if I have a particularly bad spot I will pop a bit on before and after foundation. This then gives really great coverage..
Every girl really does need to try this!!
Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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