Something New for the New Year

How gorgeous do these brushes look? 
These are the new line brushes from Real Techniques. The Bold Metals collection
and currently they have seven brushes to choose from..
  • arched powder brush (100) the shape of this makes it look like it will be so easy to apply your powder.

  • triangle foundation brush (101) with the triangular shape of this I'm sure blending around your nose and eyes will become very easy..

  • oval shadow brush (200) basic shadow brush, but you can never have too many eye shadow brushes in your collection.
  • pointed crease brush (201) I love the shape of this brush and think that it will be the one I buy first. For getting right into your crease I think this will be effortless.

  • angled liner (202) this one will be for achieving the perfect feline flick..

  • tapered blush brush (300) I have been after a blush brush for a while and this one looks like the perfect one, with its lovely rounded tip.. 

  • flat contour brush (301) the small compact head on this one means that getting those contour areas shaded should be really easy.
Take a look at Pixiwoo's Youtube channel where they explain things a lot better than me. Pixiwoo are the creators behind the Real Technique brushes..

This whole set looks amazing and at the moment looks like they can only be bought separately, which is a shame as I'd love to get the lot but with Christmas only a few days ago I'm a little short of money right now.. Maybe next month or perhaps someone might buy me a few for my Birthday which is coming up in February..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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  1. Wauw seems like great brushes where can you buy this

    1. They are lovely I'm going to try and get the lot..

      In the UK you can get them from Boots here's the link -
      In the USA its Ulta here's the link -