My Current Favourites - Day & Night Creams

I recently bought two new face creams. One for the day and one for the night.

It actually took me quite a while deciding which ones to go for as I'll normally just pick the cheapest ones. But this time I have gone for slightly more expensive ones. There not top end products but for me still more than I would normally spend.
The first is from Olay and its the Total Effects 7 moisturiser and serum duo for the day. I thought as I'm getting older (I'm 30 this year wtf?), I needed to try something a little better for helping with the ageing process, plus I want to try some serums but I'm a little scared to jump straight in so moisturiser with added serum seemed perfect..

The 7 anti - ageing problems that it claims to help with are -

* Lines and Wrinkles
* Loss of Firmness
* Visible Pores
* Uneven Tone
* Uneven Skin Texture
* Dryness
* Dullness

I have seen an improvement in my skins dryness, normally at this time of year I get really dry skin around my mouth but this hasn't been the case since using the Total Effects cream. My skin also seems more bright so the dullness element is definitely working. I think I need to give it more time to see some real changes if any, but for now I quite like it.

The night cream I went for is B.Renewed by Superdrugs in house brand B. This is supposed to help the skin by -

* Nourishing 
* Firming and Smoothing
* Refining
* Perfecting

I have come to the bottom of the pot on this one as it is very nourishing and I just love to smother my face with the stuff every night. I have noticed that my skin no longer has that tight feeling when I wake in the mornings, usually this happens all the time in the colder months. As for refining and perfecting, maybe as my skin condition has improved somewhat.

Overall I really like both of these but I don't think they are doing anything major to improve my skin, they both just feel nice on the skin. So for now these are what I'm sticking to..

If you have any other recommendations please let me know.

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


  1. The NO7 ones are really good, a bit costly if your going to keep buying they seem to really work and you can notice a difference x

    1. Yes I might give them a go as some ones else has also said No7 is good..