Monday Mascara Madness

I haven't tried much from BarryM other than there nail polishes but I thought I'd give their Showgirl mascara a go..

I went for their Extra Volume Black Mascara version.. Love the packaging on this but I'm soo disappointed with the mascara itself and in my opinion its not worth buying.

Big statement I know but it has really upset me. (drama queen here). But I have a love for BarryM nail polishes like no other nail polish brand so was expecting there mascara to be great. But sadly that is not the case! Firstly the formula is just not up to scratch, its quite dry and sticky which is just horrible to use. Then once you eventually get some on your eyes it takes quite a long time to build up any volume, and for me personally I just end up smudging it all around my eyes out of frustration.. Also to take off, its terrible I find that even when I think I have removed it all, its still lurking around.. I'm not going to rant on any more but as I'm sure you now know I am not a fan of this mascara..

What are your thoughts on this one?
Did you like it?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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