Getting Organised

This time of year is just perfect for getting yourself organised. And I love getting new bits to help with this organisation.
Recently after popping into my local Sainsburys I have come away with loads of bits to help with this. I've got two of everything, one set for my Blog and one set for my Youtube channel. I have box files, notebooks, new pens, sticky tabs and a new diary.
The way I'm getting organised is by trying to get ahead and write up most of my posts at least a week in advance. Last year this was something I struggled with but I'm determined this year to achieve great things with my Blog. As for my Youtubing ways.. Well I'm trying to get as many ideas for videos as possible. If you have any please leave a comment below.. Then I will pop them into my notebook which I have already gone through and put the weeks and dates in. As you can see from the pictures I've  listed what I need to do like when to film, if I have made my thumbnails etc. This will really help me I believe as I have such a terrible memory..
Are you getting organised?
What are your plans for the year?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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