My New Years Resolution

Every year I make resolutions like get fit, save money and read more, but every year
I end up totally forgetting about them by January 5th. So this year I'm only having one resolution and that is to be more focused! I could list things like be happy and eat better but, I believe that if I say be more focused in general I have a better chance of sticking to my resolution!!
Here's a few things I think that I can achieve if I stay more focused through out the year.. 

•get through my reading list, :)
•make more healthier food choices, 
•remember to live in the moment. 
•be a more positive person.

All these things will in turn I'm hoping help me to have a brilliant 2015!!

Are you making a list of resolutions or are you going to stick to one thing like me? If so let me know either way?

Thanks Guys
Happy New Year
Love Hayley

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