Monday Mascara Madness

Argan oil for your lashes?!

Last week I tested out the Rimmel Wonder'Full mascara that has added Argan oil. I chose the black shade, and I have to say first impressions are that this could be a good idea for all mascara brands to do. At first the mascara just applied like most mascara and the only different thing I noticed was the smell! Yes I'm weird I like to smell my make-up and especially my mascara's, this one has a different scent which I'm sure is due to the added Argan oil. Its not unpleasant just different, anyway back onto what I think. Well using the mascara without curling my lashes was a disaster, firstly it took for ever to build up anything on the lashes and secondly my lashes drooped almost straight away, so not a good look. But when I curled my lashes before applying, it was a totally different story! The build up was really easy, the lenght of my lashes appeared longer and the hold was amazing. Just goes to show curling your lashes really does go a long way! At the moment im not really too sure if the added Argan oil has really helped in any major way, but when I've used shampoos etc with it in after a while you do notice a more silky texture, so maybe soon I'll have silky lashes. Overall I like the idea of having the Argan oil inside, anything that helps keep your lashes strong and healthy is always great for me!! 
For me Rimmel are onto a winner with this one..
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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